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   Useful Links

Here we have a selection of websites where you can find useful services and applications when using computers and the internet.


   Favourite Websites


- is our preferred search engine to help you find what you want on the internet.

Just a few of its applications:

  • 'google images' You can search for pictures and images
  • 'google maps' look at maps or get directions for places all over the world, including street views
  • 'gmail' get a free email service
  • 'google drive' save digital files on the internet, in the cloud


Health Navigator

- designed by NZ clinicians with a focus on helping patients with chronic conditions

Learn how to touch type for free - Do the keyboarding tutorials, start with Lesson 1 with f and j, and move up from there


   Social Websites


   Regional Websites


   Software Websites


- to download free antivirus software

Open Office

- a free open source version of Microsoft Office Suite ie Word, Excel and Powerpoint


- to video conference your friends and family


- an alternative web browser to Internet Explorer


- an alternative web browser to Internet Explorer


- to save your files up in the cloud, if not using the services attached to your email address ie Google Drive for Gmail, SkyDrive for Microsoft


   Employment Websites

Career Quest

- 78 questions to help guide you to your dream job

Trade Me Jobs

- the popular online auction site also offers jobs


SEEK is New Zealand's largest and most popular online job board.


   News Websites:


NZ Herald

   Internet Radio Websites:

For NZ radio stations



   Educational Websites for Children:

Learning Games For Kids

Educational games that help build skills in math, language, science, social studies, and more


Cool Math-Games

Math Play Ground

For Hangman esp the two player game